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Passion for iOS Mobile Development

With a strong passion for the mobile world, and specifically iOS, Mark took-on the learning process by joining the Apple Developer program in 2011. Through countless hours of personal study, training programs and consultations with outside experts, Mark is now developing apps which are being relied upon for critical business tasks.

Chicago Startup Weekend

In June of 2012 Mark took the initiative to perfect his iOS development skills achieved through independent study, by participating in the Chicago Startup Weekend. Out of 14 teams of people who did not know each other previously, team ExerSocial developed an iOS prototype app which walked away with the second place prize with only 54 hours in which to work. In 2013 he gave it another shot, and again came in second, this time with an app called DateCreate. In June of 2014, it was once again time to try Startup Weekend. This time a WIN, and a follow-up business to assist with pet adoption called Woof!

Learning App Becomes Critical Tool

Mark came up with an idea during sprint planning for an app that would allow the team to collaborate in a more effective and fun way. The app known as SprintCards is now used internally every two weeks in planning, in addition to being a resource to give top executives visibility into the active user stories and the work the team accomplishes.

Real-World iOS Experience with Released Apps

Working with the Innovative Development Solutions team at Insurance Auto Auctions and Solstice Mobile in Chicago, Mark has developed apps that now live in the App Store. Mark has experience with everything from the first line of code written, to the celebration the occurs when Apple approves and takes it live. Mark is the developer of the Woof Rescue app for iOS. With over 100,000 downloads in 24 months, this pet adoption app features clean design with reliable operation that consistently earns 4.5+ star ratings in the App Store.

Cloud Computing

Mark has past experience with SQL-based databases, but typically works with no-SQL data services such as for rapid development, especially on prototypes. His experience also includes working with Amazon Web Services, deploying websites in S3 buckets, etc.

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C# is the language of choice for Mark for everything from websites to web services. JavaScript plays heavily in the mix now with JSON existing in most projects for data transfer, and sometimes local storage. Mark has a familiarity with VB.NET but prefers not to start new projects using this language.


The most recent projects were created using Microsoft ASP.NET MVC3 and MVC on .NET Framework 3.5 - 4.5, along with jQuery and Telerik third party components in some cases. Completed many projects using Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms for very large corporate clients and small businesses.

Unit Testing

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a typical practice when developing .NET code. It is especially helpful when testing web services which may be throwing an error that would be hard to catch remotely. When unit tests are included in the automated builds, more reliable code is always the result.

E-Commerce Store Development

Developed from the ground-up an e-Commerce site and operated every aspect of the business.


Mark has worked with Visual Studio since the very beginning -- back to VB6. Currently working with Visual Studio 2013 with Team Foundation Server for source control. The Coda HMTL editor was used on this site, and is typical for Mark to hand-code sites. Mark works with IIS frequently when building and deploying .NET projects.

Automated Deployment

Mark utilizes Team Foundation Server for automated builds, incorporating unit tests and automated deployments. Mark is adept with PowerShell scripts and writes them as needed.